Monday, July 28, 2008

Am I Superior?

Don't get me wrong, I don't mean in the realm of all things, but I mean merely, in driving, am I superior? I would like to think that I am not superior, and that driving a vehicle is not comparable to being a rocket scientist, however, if you've been on the road lately, you will realize that this might actually be true.
Many of you are either agreeing with me right now, or feeling as if I am being blasphemist about the subject. If you do not agree with me, then it is my contention that you are probably one of the many drivers as to why I am writing this blog. If you agree with me, then please continue; if you do not agree, please, also continue to read - hopefully you can learn something.
Cell phones. What is the point? Anyone driving while on the phone, I ask you, why? What is so important that it can't wait? And if the conversation truly cannot wait, then try a new tactic, pull off on the shoulder and hold your conversation - believe me, it would be much appreciated by me that you are no longer pulling (unnoticed to you, I'm sure since you cannot be bothered by me and my vehicle while you are on the phone) into my lane, only to flip me off when I honk the horn at you - for your obliviousness.
While I'm on the subject, since when does everyone feel so entitled? Since when has driving become a RIGHT and not a PRIVILEGE? Since when has driving become the inconvenience it seems to be to so many people on the road? Obviously our lives our busy, and I am not an exception to this notion, however, I do value my life, and a vehicle can easily become a deadly weapon - when that vehicle is not respected. Now, you may not value YOUR life, but please, out of courteous to me and all those that DO value their lives, if you cannot focus on DRIVING, then get off the road, and stay off if you cannot be inconvenienced to actually PAY ATTENTION when on the road.
You will be doing us all a great service to heed my advice. Otherwise, I ask, am I superior to you since driving has seemingly become rocket science to perform?

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