Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Time to Lower the Drinking Age?

This is a topic that is scattered about the news today, and it is one that really doesn't take an Einstein to figure out:

Are 18 year old individuals immature? Possibly, but so are 21 year old adults, and so if that is the only argument one can make to keep the "legal" age at 21, then that is an absurd notion.
And at any rate, the facts are much simpler than that - at 18 you are considered an "adult" in that you are now able to vote for elected officials. But what is more convincing is the simple fact that at the age of eighteen men and woman are allowed to serve in the military - and sometimes, tragically, die in the military. Why is it that you can serve your nation and die for your country when you cannot even celebrate the fact that you are doing your country proud with a beer in hand?
Seems like a double-standard to me. You can sacrifice your life to fight for your freedom (the extent of our freedoms is not the debate here) yet you cannot have a beer? Seems kind of a moot point when you look at it in those terms, doesn't it? Tragic really.
So let's make this an easy debate and lower the drinking age to be more in line with when young men and woman are considered "adults" in the eyes of the government (for both voting and the age one can enter into the military). If you are able to serve and die for your nation, then the least you should be allowed is to have a drink from time to time.
Those in favor of lowering the drinking age want to make it more about effectively stopping the binges on college campuses, but again, in all honesty, it is much, much simpler - if you are old enough to die in combat, you should be considered old enough to have a beer.
It's really not a hard concept to grasp, and for eighteen year old men and women, that beer shouldn't be hard (or illegal) to grasp either.

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