Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Fast Choices

So today I read that the Los Angeles City Council is planning on voting on banning fast food from the city stating that their city has an "extreme shortage of quality food."
Now, I realize fast food is not a healthy option. Maybe that is the difference between myself and Obese America; that is that I DO know what fast food is and isn't. Fast food is convenient and above all, fast, but I know exactly what I'm getting into even when I buy the "healthy alternative" salad - it's still extremely high in calories. Even that "grilled" chicken isn't half as healthy as you think it is. But again, that is the problem, I realize fast food is not a good choice when considering my health, and I tend to lean away from fast food - and really any eating out - if I can. (Or another alternative that Americans seem to miss - PORTION CONTROL - just because it comes on your plate does not mean it has to be eaten).
However, many Americans miss the point when it comes to deciding what is best for themselves, and what we are left with is forcing city councils to make the choice for us. Land of the free? How free will you feel if you cannot even CHOOSE what food you desire to eat? Again, I know the difference between fast food and a freshly made home meal - but sadly too many Americans seem to miss this point.
Last week I read New York has begun to include the calorie content of all items ordered in restaurants on the menu - and my thought was - that's a great idea. Then I read the article regarding this fantastic idea, and those quoted in the article were not happy with this development. Some of the people were asking for the OLD menus (those without the calorie content) so they could order their meal "guilt free." It is people like this that force city councils to interfere with our freedoms. If we lose the right to choose, what is the point of being an American? We might as well become communist since far too many people hide behind the notion that the America government should dictate what they do. If it isn't illegal, many seem to think, then it can't be bad for you.
Sadly, I will lose my right at choosing a fast, hot meal on the go once a month because of people that fail to make choices for themselves. And I have to wonder, when will it stop?

Additional (relevant) thought:
Another thing I don't like is the reduction of "trans fat" in all my foods. The fact that companies that make potato chips (a notoriously unhealthy snack) has gone to healthy, vegetable oil for it's cooking is killing the taste. Again, I can choose to have a smaller sized snack to satisfy my craving, but when made in the new oil, I have a less superior snack that does not satisfy my craving, leaving me to desire more. If people could, again, make their own choices, then I could have my delicious snack instead of some watered down version of what I formerly loved. If people would choose to eat less of what is good, then we would not be forced to be regulated to the extreme on everything. Again, are we the land of the free or a communist tyranny?

Update: Today (July 30th, 2008) San Francisco has initiated a ban on cigarettes being sold in Drug Stores. While I am not a smoker, the fact remains, all our choices are being stripped from us.

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