Thursday, September 4, 2008

A Candid Moment, or General Politicking?

On the St. Petersburg Times' website today, there is an article in regards to Palin's daughter, Piper - age 7 - licking her hand to smooth down her brother's, Trig's, hair. The article claims:
"During Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin's speech, cameras cut to her 6-year-old daughter flattening Trig's hair, oblivious that America was watching. It was a taste of legitimacy buried in weeks of rehearsed politicking, and we ate it up."

You can view the entire article here:

It shows a youtube clip of this moment where Piper was "oblivious that America was watching" ... did anyone at the St. Petersburg Times stop to wonder A) why there was a camera on Piper to begin with and B) that just maybe this "taste of legitimacy" was merely part of the "rehearsed politicking" put on by a politician to show just how "wonderful" her family is?
Honestly, it seems to me to be politicking at its best. I would hope the only people that seem to think this was a "taste of legitimacy" are the people at the St. Petersburg Times - and hopefully they are the only people that "ate it up."
Shameful really. Although I'm sure the St. Petersburg Times has their reasoning for politicking as well. Everyone has something to gain with this - oh-so-touching - moment, but it seems it does little for the American people. Honestly, if a girl the age of 7 truly was oblivious of the camera sat out before her, does it really change your mind on how you think her mother will represent the American people as Vice President of the United States?
If it does change your opinion about Governor Sarah Palin, then America has a long way to go before they realize a legitimate president again - since seemingly the search criteria most Americans use has nothing to do with how a government official will actually represent the general public, but more to do with how well they can dupe the voters with painfully obvious "candid" moments.

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