Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Historical Day

Don't get me wrong, I don't like the way the media throws around the term "historical day" for every election, but today is certainly different.
Today we have a chance to dictate history through our election selection - whether it be the first black president or the first female vice president.
Whoever wins today's election will have a lot of work ahead of them in fixing the disaster that was the past eight years. Hopefully, we the people can elect the better leader, the leader that will implement change - someone that will bring back the stability that the American people have grown so fond of and have lacked dearly during the Bush administration.
Today is a historical day, indeed - but more than that, it's a vote to make a change in this country; a change this country badly needs right now in its time of uncertainty. Today is not about the history of the election, but about mending the future. Hopefully, the right candidate for the nation as a whole can come out victorious - for America needs some stability in the Commander in Chief and as a nation.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Reverse Robin Hood?

So I was reading this article the other day, and I have to wonder - are they stealing from the poor to pay the rich?
The premise of the article states that of the $125 billion of taxpayers money used for the bailout thus far - approximately $50 billion of that is being used for ... executive bonuses!!! Not creating new credit lines, not to those mortgages at high risk of foreclosure, and not for anyone that might, actually NEED the money - but for the executives - to, as far as I can tell, make sure they are still wholly compensated for their drowning business and sinking stock prices.
Which leads me to the point - is this the exact opposite of everything Robin Hood stood for? Think about you, we are all taxpayers, that's true, but why are the majority poor being forced to fund the minority rich in this nation? Oh, sure, the article argues (and quite satirically, I do assure you) that the executives surely cannot be forced to endure a life on a mere $80,000 per year, and thus require these additional fundings for their bonuses. Yeah right, tell that to the single mother of three that brings in $25,000 a year and is barely managing to keep food on the table. Yet, this mother of three is the one who is being forced to continually fund the extravagant lifestyles these highly overpaid executives have grown accustom too - and it is a true travesty that we, the "regular Joe's" (i.e. the MIDDLE CLASS and BELOW) must be the ones to fund these executives compensation packages, when in every one's estimation, they are the greedy individuals that prompt this "credit crisis" to begin with. It seems they robbed the poor to get rich by selling subprime mortgages, only to rob the poor to bailout "their company," or more plainly, to bailout their compensation as their stock portfolio's decline in value - and all thanks to these crooks. Glad the government is truly looking out for the people - oh wait, I'm sorry, they aren't, they are looking out for the next great paycheck themselves - the lobbyist. It's a shame.

And now, McCain has been bashing Obama for his alleged "socialist" views, but McCain supports action similar to what is being spoken about above. At least Obama wants to tax those wealthy individuals more and tax the MAJORITY poor less. Why that is not a good plan, is beyond me, but the Republican party has resorted to smear campaigning in calling Obama every name under the sun (socialist, Marxist, even Muslim and terrorist - see Bill Ayers, etc., etc.). Yet, all McCain wishes to do is give a free tax-ride to those who invest in the stock markets - so essentially, those already stealing so much from so many "regular" taxpayers will be able to continue stealing from those taxpayers, as their investments increase in value, and their tax bills diminish due to not having to pay a capital gains tax. Sounds fair to me? How about you? Obviously, I am being facetious, but honestly - we do need change, and I feel Obama may be able to provide such change.

It is a true shame that this bailout was essentially force fed to the American people - and to the senators and congressman that voted on the bill. No one had a choice but to pass the bill, and on the second vote no less - in the court systems, a second vote on matter of guilt or innocence is called double jeopardy, and it is illegal, yet in our highest office, it is, apparently, normal practice. And all for what? To bailout the rich, to keep them living the life they know and love - the majority poor in this nation would give anything for a chance to just not have to worry about where the next meal is coming from, but the executive crooks can't even bear the thought of giving up their private jets and champagne parties. A travesty that needs to be corrected.

So a day before the election I call for change - who will stand with me?