Monday, July 28, 2008

America Divided

So I read the other day how Bill Clinton thinks America has “become divided,” and my response to that is simple – absolutely she is divided. The problem, however, doesn’t lie within politics as much as it does the politicians. The problem is that the politicians are divided from what most American's truly want and truly need.
Let me explain this to you. Most of us are in the 99th percentile of income earners. The politicians, however, are in that top tier, the top 1 percentile. They are wealthy and disconnected to what it truly means to be an American.
Not only that, or maybe more because of it, they do what they need to in order to become even more wealthy. Seemingly, to continue the lavish lifestyles they know they take handouts – from big business. Where does this help the average American? It’s simple, it doesn’t. Big business gets tax breaks (in a peace offering in hopes the business continue to lobby – AKA fund – the government). Oh sure, on paper it sounds good – with the companies receiving the tax break, they can now hire even more workers – and (the theory goes) thus, more Americans will find themselves having jobs and earning a living. Problem is, even if those Americans are hired, they now have to pay a considerable amount on taxes themselves – which, by working, you are merely funding the government, and hardly making enough to truly get by.
How is it that inflation can continue to increase, yet the tax brackets remain the same? Think about that one. Your dollar can now buy less, yet the tax bracket on your dollar remains the exact same. So now, the dollar that already buys you so little, is worth even less because the government is taking it from you.
American has become divided indeed Mr. Bill Clinton, but the problem is not the American people, but the politicians we are granted the pleasure of “choosing” between. Until there exists a politician that has earned a true, fair, honest living, then this crisis will not be averted. And sadly, America will continue to be divided by the line of American working class versus the American politicians. Indeed American is divided.

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